Lost and Found

At Action For Animals Humane Society, we know how devastating it is when a beloved pet is missing. We want to help reunite owners with their pets. The following information to assist you if you have lost or found a pet.

Call or visit the following places to report a pet lost or found:
  • Hoffman’s Animal Control: 724-468-5505
  • Action For Animals Humane Society: 724-539-2544 or email description with photo to: afahs@aol.com
  • Any other surrounding animal control/shelters
  • Local police and veterinary offices
Place an ad with the following sources:

Put flyers around your neighborhood, at local stores, and veterinarian offices. Your flyers should be large enough to be read from 10 feet away. Be sure to include a description of the pet, where found/lost, your phone number and a photo.

To ensure that your pet does not get lost (or is quickly found if lost), consider the following:
  • Make sure all dogs and cats have visible identification – a collar with a current ID tag as well as a license tag should be worn at all times.
  • Microchipping and/or tattooing will help identify your dog if it loses it’s collar. WARNING: these do not guarantee the safe return of your dog, they only give your animal a better chance at making it home. Animal control is NOT required by law to scan for a microchip or look for a tattoo.
  • Spaying and neutering your pet may help them from trying to run out.
  • Keep your dog confined and walk him or her on a leash.
  • Never allow your pet to roam free in the neighborhood.
  • Keep fence gates securely locked and make sure there’s no way your pet can get out of your fenced yard.
  • Train your pet to respond to your commands (if this is a problem, you can always enter your dog into an obedience/training class).