Adoptable Pets


Adoption/Visiting Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, Noon-4pm
You are welcome to come to the shelter during visitor hours to see our animals. If you would like to visit with an animal, you will need to have a pre-approved adoption application.

Adoption applications can be completed in 2 ways:

  1. Call us at 724-539-2544 and request to do an application over the phone before you visit.
  2. Fill out an application when you come to the shelter. Please bring vet records of your current pets and proof of home ownership. If you’re a renter, we will need to contact your landlord.

Adoption applications are reviewed in 24 hrs – a staff member will contact you.

Read more important Adoption Procedures.

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We have many wonderful pets who are waiting for their forever homes! Because animals are adopted every day, the one you may be interested in may or may not be available when you visit the shelter, so please keep that in mind.

If you need information about a specific animal, or have a question about adoption, please call us at 724-539-2544 or fill out the contact form.

Be sure to read our Adoption Procedures before you come to the shelter.

Also see Adoption Fees.

Pet profiles not loading? Visit Petfinder to view our pets.

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